Emanuel Wynter

Friday, August 6th 2021
Reevestock’s Downtown Get-Down Block Party
In front of The Reeves Theater – Elkin, NC
Free to the public
Set: 5:30pm

Emanuel Wynter is a violinist/singer/songwriter in the North Carolina Music Scene.

Originally born in New York City, he spent over a decade in the exposure of many different styles of music. He started his musical journey much like everyone else when he was signed up for violin classes in elementary school. in his adolescent years, Emanuel continued his passion for music, picking up guitar, piano, and bass along the way. His musical influences range from jazz and the blues to rock and neo-soul. In 2015, Emanuel immersed himself into the professional music scene, which has since taken him to countless venues in 13 states, both solo and along with various acts, all the while exuding a distinct energy that entices and captivates his audiences. In 2018, though, he displayed a new medium of artistry with the release of his debut single, titled Cosmos, followed shortly thereafter by the release of Iced Coffee, his second single, in early 2019. Emanuel continues to grow and develop as a musician and as a songwriter, giving dynamic and emotive performances to lyrics that explore topics of nostalgia, love, happiness, and heartbreak. His sweet and soulful displays are a unique spectacle that you don’t want to miss.